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Top-Rated Leak Detection & Repair in Nashville, TN

Broken water pipe with water dripping from the crackWhile leaks from your bathroom or kitchen faucet are often easy to detect, some leaks can start from cracks or corrosion in your water or sewer line, and these might be harder to detect. If you suspect a hidden leak, we can help.

Established in 2001, Michael’s Plumbing Service is Nashville’s leading plumbing business. Family/locally owned and operated, whether the culprit is a slab leak or tree roots infiltrating your sewer line, our highly trained technicians provide unmatched leak detection services.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our courteous and knowledgeable specialists are available for all your plumbing needs!

Get leak detection and repairs in Nashville or Springfield. Call Michael’s Plumbing at (615) 886-8809.

Signs You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak

Finding the source of your home’s leak can avert a disaster and expensive repair costs. Here are a few signs you might have a leak and need a professional plumber:

  • Water meter changes: Turn off your appliances, water, and faucets. Check for water meter changes, which can be a fast-moving leak. If nothing happens, wait a few hours and recheck it. If it moves slightly, it might be a slow leak.
  • Higher water consumption levels: The EPA suggests that if you have a household of four people and use over 12,000 gallons of water in the winter, you might have a major leak as water is consumed less in the wintertime.
  • Increased water bills: If your water bill rises with no new appliances, it might be a leak. Monthly bills should remain consistent, but warm floor spots might be a slab leak, while running water sounds require prompt attention if a pipe bursts.
  • Toilet leaks: To confirm your toilet is not the source, add tiny drops of food coloring in your tank and wait 8-10 minutes. If the water changes in your bowl, it’s leaking from the tank.
  • Exterior usage: Attach your garden hose outside. If water leaks in the connection with your hose running, replace the gasket and check again. If you have an irrigation system, it might need maintenance, as a single leak can waste about 6,300 gallons of water monthly.

Our Leak Detection & Repair Services

Older homes have more leaks because the plumbing system is declining. Whether you suspect the issue is your pump, water heater, or washing machine, turn to our plumbing professionals to prevent further damage.

Our leak services include the following steps and components:

Slab leak repair

Our team can restore basement floors and concrete slabs if you notice moist drywall, wet floors, or rushing water.

Leak detection equipment

Our advanced acoustic leak source equipment is trenchless and amplifies water sounds in slabs or walls.

Video camera inspection equipment

Special cameras let us see inside pipes to accurately diagnose if a leak origin is tree roots or rust.

Soil probes

These tiny devices let us know if the water in your soil is from your sewer line or water main, and we offer no-dig-yard repairs!

The Plumbers You Can Trust. Find a plumber in Springfield today by contacting Michael’s Plumbing at (615) 886-8809.

Why Choose Us?

Unaddressed leaks can cause structural damage, wood rot, and toxic mold/mildew. Avoid expensive repair costs by hiring the plumbing pros.

Backed by 20+ years of industry-leading experience, Michael’s Plumbing specializes in water leak detection and plumbing repairs. Let us efficiently and quickly resolve your water leaks!

Contact Michael’s Plumbing at (615) 886-8809 for leak detection in Springfield.


Schedule an annual plumbing inspection and call us if you notice musty odors or water stains on the walls or ceiling.

A slab leak requires immediate attention, as leaks in your home’s foundation can cause expensive damage.

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Courteous and
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