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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation in Nashville, TN

Wide image of a newly installed garbage disposal in a stainless steel sink with water flowing down the drainA broken garbage disposal and other plumbing issues can put a damper on your day. You can always count on Michael’s Plumbing Service for garbage disposal repair in Nashville, TN. Our experienced team of plumbers can provide efficient and reliable services when you need them most. We can handle anything from broken blades to complete garbage disposal replacement.

Get your garbage disposal fixed right away with Michael’s Plumbing. Call (615) 886-8809 to schedule an appointment in Springfield, TN.

4 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repairs

Garbage disposals have a tough job, and sometimes, they need repairs. Knowing the signs of a broken garbage disposal is important so you can schedule repairs right away.

  • Garbage disposal is leaking: If your garbage disposal is leaking water under the sink, there might be a bad seal or crack that needs to be repaired.
  • Foul odors coming from disposal: Sometimes, broken garbage disposals have a lingering foul odor. Food can get trapped as the blades dull.
  • Strange noises: If your garbage disposal makes strange noises when you turn it on, it may need repairs.
  • Frequent clogs: If your garbage disposal clogs frequently, it may indicate damage from improper use.

Expert Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, let Michael’s Plumbing handle your garbage disposal installation and replacement. A new garbage disposal can work more efficiently, reduce clogging, and make washing dishes a breeze. Our highly trained technicians can remove an old disposal and replace it with a new one.

If you don’t have a disposal, our techs can install a brand-new one. You won’t have to stress about food going down the drain anymore. The disposal will grind up any leftover food and make it easier to drain to your sewer line or septic field.

What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Though garbage disposals can handle most food, there are still a few things you should never put down a garbage disposal. Certain things can cause garbage disposals to break or clog your drains.

  • Grease and oil: Can cause clogs and blockages
  • Coffee grinds: Can form into a clump and cause blockages
  • Fruit pits: Are too thick and hard for the blades to break
  • Bones: Too difficult to break apart and drain
  • Potato peels: Can slip past the blades and cause clogs
  • Pasta: Absorbs water and expands, causing blockages
  • Eggshells: Membranes can stick to the inside of your disposal

Call Michael’s Plumbing at (615) 886-8809 for fast and reliable garbage disposal repair in Springfield or Nashville, TN.

Why Choose Michael’s Plumbing Service?

Michael’s Plumbing has provided exceptional plumbing services to Davidson and Robertson counties since 2001. Our trained plumbers have the experience and knowledge to handle your most difficult garbage disposal problems. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which reflects our commitment to workmanship and customer service.

To request an appointment for garbage disposal repair, call Michael’s Plumbing at (615) 886-8809.

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