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Expert Plumbers in Nashville, TN

Discover unparalleled plumbing expertise in Davidson and Robertson County with Michael’s Plumbing Service. Proudly serving the community since 2001, we’re your trusted local partner for all things plumbing.

From expert repairs to trusted installations, our highly trained technicians deliver efficient solutions with a commitment to unmatched customer service.

Get reliable, top-notch plumbing services in Nashville, TN. Call Michael’s Plumbing Service to schedule.

Sewer & Drain

We’re your go-to experts for comprehensive sewer and drain solutions. Our skilled professionals specialize in tackling even the most stubborn drain clogs, using advanced techniques to restore your plumbing’s smooth flow.

We’ve got you covered, from drain clog clearing to main line services. Say goodbye to drain troubles and sewer woes with our dedicated team by your side, ensuring efficient and effective solutions for your plumbing needs.

Water Heaters

Elevate your comfort and convenience with Michael’s Plumbing Service, where our water heater expertise ensures a steady hot water supply. Our range of services includes:

  • Gas water heaters: From installation to repair, we’re your skilled partner in optimizing gas water heaters for efficient performance.
  • Electric water heaters: Trust us to handle all aspects of electric water heaters, ensuring seamless operation and reliable warmth.
  • Tankless water heaters: Experience the future of water heating with our tankless solutions, offering endless hot water on demand.

If you need repairs to fix your water heater’s performance or are considering upgrading to a more efficient system, Michael’s Plumbing Service has extensive expertise to meet your needs.

Need a system upgrade? Call Michael’s Plumbing Service for all your water heater needs in Nashville, TN, or contact us online.

Pipe Repair & Replacement

When it comes to the heart of your plumbing system, Michael’s Plumbing Service excels in pipe repair and replacement, ensuring the smooth flow of water even if you’re dealing with frozen pipes.

Our skilled team is dedicated to promptly addressing pipe issues, offering expert solutions that restore functionality and prevent potential disruptions. Trust us to protect your plumbing with our comprehensive repairs and replacements, providing peace of mind and a reliable water supply.

For reliable and efficient pipe repair and replacement solutions in Springfield, TN, contact Michael’s Plumbing Service.

Our Other Plumbing Services

At Michael’s Plumbing Service, our expertise extends beyond the basics, encompassing a range of specialized plumbing services designed to enhance your home’s comfort and functionality.

Our services include:

  • Sump pumps: Count on us for expert sump pump installation and maintenance, protecting your space from potential flooding.
  • Fixtures: From faucets to toilets, our skilled team handles fixture installations and repairs, ensuring seamless operation and modern aesthetics.
  • Water treatment: Enjoy cleaner and healthier water with our water treatment solutions, addressing issues like filtration and softening.
  • Leak detection and repairWe can find plumbing leaks in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and more. Our advanced detection and repair technology can handle any leak, no matter how hidden it is.
  • Slab leak repair: We precisely tackle slab leaks, preserving your property’s foundation and resolving plumbing issues hidden beneath the surface.
  • Gas lines: Leave the dangerous and dirty work to us! We’ll handle all gas line replacement and gas pipe repair services.
  • Water lines: We can expertly repair or replace your water line. Don’t suffer from water damage any longer.
  • Garbage disposals: Looking to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink? Or need yours fixed? We have you covered.

With Michael’s Plumbing Service, you’re choosing a comprehensive partner dedicated to addressing a wide spectrum of plumbing needs, ensuring your home runs smoothly and efficiently.

Need other plumbing repairs in Hendersonville or Springfield, TN? We have you covered. Call to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Michael’s Plumbing Service?

Our commitment to unmatched customer service ensures your experience is smooth and hassle-free, backed by unparalleled honesty and integrity in every interaction. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that your plumbing concerns will be addressed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Schedule plumbing services in Nashville, TN, by contacting Michael’s Plumbing Service.


Whether you need a water softener depends on your water’s mineral content; a water test can determine if it’s beneficial for reducing hardness.

A sump pump running constantly can indicate excessive water accumulation; it’s important to identify the cause, such as high groundwater levels or improper drainage.

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Owned and Operated

Our plumbing experts are a part of your community. We're here to serve our neighbors.

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Courteous and
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Unmatched customer service

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Michael's Plumbing service is the best hands down... I discovered I had a water leak in my yard due to high water bill, I called Michael's Plumbing for and estimate and the came right out their pricing was the best out of the 3 other companies I contacted they took…

Asha D.

I am SO grateful for the people with Michael's Plumbing Service! Within the last couple of years, I have had them replace my main water line from the street to the house, as well as my water heater. Both times, they were professional, friendly, and efficient. They got the work…

Melissa S.

I had a major water leak from an old pipe underneath my front yard. Michael's Plumbing Service was terrific. They came to my home quickly diagnosed the problem and gave me a good estimate to get it fixed. I was in the process of selling my home, so they were…

Mary S.

After receiving the unfortunate news from Michaels Plumbing that our seemingly clogged pipes needed replacing because they were cast iron and the pipes were sealed, we consulted w/ several other plumbing companies. Everyone else confirmed the diagnosis and no one else could beat their price nor get us on the…

Greg S.

Michael’s plumbing provides excellent service. They were extremely professional and fast while providing top quality work. The repair men were super friendly and explained exactly what they would be doing, which I appreciated. Definitely trust this company with your plumbing needs!

Emmy W.